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Night Sky Miniatures is the creation of long time wargamer Matthew Devenish. Matthew lives in Hobart Tasmania where his day job has him working with a local charity that provides rehabilitation and homelessness services.

His interest in wargaming goes back to his childhood where he would build wooden models in his Dad’s workshop to battle with his brothers. Later this morphed into formal game systems and he currently plays a number of historical and scifi game systems.

Excited to buy his first resin 3d printer in early 2020, Matthew discovered that there was significant lack of printable files that were designed for 1/56 scale, with most people printing upscaled 1/100 models. Having already dabbled in a bit of 3d modelling as a teenager he set out to model some vehicles that he wanted to print for his own army. This ultimately lead to the creation of Night Sky Miniatures. 

To check out the full catalogue of models by Night Sky Miniatures check out our online store at

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